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Tangible Memory: The Poetic Photo Frame That Arouses Love in Heart

This photo frame created by Weng Xinyu is part of a larger collection of home items called “Good Medicine Tastes Bitter" that essentially provide the user with a less-than-perfect experience in order to convey a larger idea. The Tangible Memory photo frame has been created to represent the passing of time and loss of memories. If the photo frame isn’t touched by the user, it gets blurrier over time. When the user touches the glass, it reappears.

Check out the whole series here.

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A wonderful analogy.

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Vasya Kolotusha, Lights

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I took some photos of baby bro Lucky Blue this evening.

oh my god

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When silence is louder than
Morning traffic
I breathe in
And imagine you softly reminding me
That my thoughts are like firecrackers

Serene when I overlook them
But dreadful when I light the fuse.