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craziest ad ive seen in a while


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How to bend light, Mona Kuhn

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that’s a baby bearded dragon

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There is a secret bond between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetting. Consider this utterly commonplace situation: a man is walking down the street. At a certain moment, he tries to recall something, but the recollection escapes him. Automatically he slows down. Meanwhile, a person who wants to forget a disagreeable
incident he has just lived through starts unconsciously to speed up his pace, as if he were trying to distance himself from a thing still too close to him in time.

In existential mathematics, that experience takes the form of two basic equations: the degree of slowness is directly proportion to the intensity of memory; the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting.


- Milan Kundera, from Slowness (HarperCollins, 1996)

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It’s not too late to get started on Pokemon Easter eggs.

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